Healing & Hope After Abortion

Don’t keep living in this pain, join a Healing Group today.

Since your abortion, have you experienced:

  • Intense grief or sadness
  • Guilt or shame
  • Broken relationships
  • Suicidal urges

Don’t suffer in silence. Hope, freedom, and transformation are waiting for you.

  1. Contact us to start getting to know each other
  2. Decide together which group meets your need best
  3. Participate in a 8-9 week healing group
  4. Start living in freedom

Women of all ages, backgrounds, and heritages have benefited from our healing groups. 

CWC has been helping women get healing after abortion since our founding in 2013.

Testimonials from previous participants after finishing a healing group:

  • “I made bad choices but I am forgiven by my Heavenly Father.”
  • “I am that beautiful woman, mother and person.”
  • “I am free. I am healed.

After an abortion a woman usually experiences an enormous sense of relief. But over a period of time the relief wears off and the moral struggle she felt prior to the abortion resurfaces. Life changes cause her to re-examine and question her past choices. The reality of abortion sets in, and she finds it increasingly difficult to deal with her emotions.

Choices provides a free, safe, confidential environment to share and process the pain and confusion left by an abortion, either individually or in a small healing group. Small groups follow a scripture-based guidebook on a journey to healing from the effects of an abortion.

Are you feeling trapped by your past abortions? You are not alone. There is hope for you at Choices Women’s Center.

Fill out the form and we'll contact you via email or phone. You may also call our center at (540) 370-1800 to speak with someone. To directly contact our Abortion Healing director, email Janet at jwernli@cwcva.org
Tell us why you're reaching out, what you're struggling with, or whatever else you'd like us to know. This isn't required - but you're more than welcome to share here. We'll keep it private.